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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Submitting HPG Benchmark Results

Why submit results to SPEC?

SPEC's mission is to develop benchmarking standards and the corresponding software tools for fairly evaluating modern computer performance, and to provide an open forum for the results. SPEC invites you to help populate its public database of benchmark results which is accessed over 1,000,000 times per month!

A common misconception is that SPEC itself runs the benchmarks and populates its online database with the results. SPEC develops the benchmarks, and reviews and publishes results submitted by licensees. SPEC has control over neither which companies participate nor which systems or configurations are submitted.

Having more results published on the SPEC web site means having more information available to the community to make better comparisons. Help us level the playing-field; submit your results to SPEC.

Use of HPG Benchmark Results

For any organization (or individual) who chooses to make public comparisons using SPEC benchmark results, please be sure to read and follow the Fair Use Policy. If you wish to make academic or research use of benchmark results, please review the recommendations in the document, "Guidelines for the Use of SPEC HPG Benchmarks in Research Publications."

Who may submit results and how much does it cost?

Any individual or group licensed with SPEC/HPG software (see our online product order form) may submit results to SPEC. There is a US$2000 (or US$500 for non-profit organizations) publication fee for each result submitted to SPEC. Payment is expected prior to publication of a reviewed result. SPEC HPG members and associates may submit an unlimited number of results for no charge, one of the many benefits afforded by membership to SPEC. If you expect that you will be submitting more than three (3) results in a one year period of time, you should consider joining SPEC as a member or associate. For more info on SPEC membership, contact us!

How to submit results?

Results are submitted to SPEC via email. Results may be submitted at any time on any day of the week; however, they are reviewed and published on a specific schedule. Each benchmark result undergoes a two (2) week review/publication cycle according to the following calendar.

In general, the result or raw result file should be submitted to SPEC as an attachment to an email to the appropriate benchmark submission drop. For a list of result submission email drops please send mail to

Additional and specific information on submitting results can be found in each benchmark's run and reporting rules and user guide documentation.

SPEC is accepting results from the following benchmarks/versions:

Benchmarks Versions Accepted
SPECaccel 2023 2.0.17
SPEC ACCEL 1.1, 1.2, 1.4
SPEChpc 2021 1.03, 1.1.7
SPEC MPI2007 2.0, 2.0.1
SPEC OMP2012 1.0