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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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How to navigate the SPEC web site.

Top navigation bar

The navigation bar across the top of each page contains pointers to frequently-requested pages, such as information about our available benchmark suites, the published benchmark results, and contact information for SPEC. While having Javascript enabled may make navigation easier, it is not required to access any pages on the SPEC site.

If you are looking for information about our benchmark suites, choose the benchmarks item in the top menu; if scripting is enabled, you will be presented with a drop-down list of links to all of our current benchmarks. Additionally, clicking on the "benchmarks" image as shown to the left will lead to a page ( which contains links to information about all of our benchmark suites, both current and retired. If Javascript is not enabled, clicking on the "benchmarks" link will lead to the benchmarks page with links to each suite.

Benchmarks menu graphic Benchmarks menu

If you are looking for published benchmark results, you may access them either via the benchmark information page or with the results menu item. Again, if Javascript is enabled you will be presented with a drop-down list of links to each suite's published results and clicking on the "results" link as pictured to the left (with or without scripting enabled) will take you to a page ( with links to each suite's published results. Within the "results" drop-down menu, there are a few options for accessing the results; clicking on the suite name will take you to the main results page for that benchmark, where in most cases you can access results by publication quarter, as a full listing of all published results or use the results search engine. If the suite has a submenu, it will also include links to the full listing of all results for that suite and a link to the search engine if available. The GWPG results links will direct you to the results published in the most recent issue of the GWPG News; these links in the top menu will always point to the most current available results, and previous results can be found by looking at past issues of the GWPG News and following the results links from each benchmark's information page rather than those in the top menu.

Results menu graphic Results menu

The contact menu item leads to information about how to contact the SPEC office (mailing address, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and the SPEC staff), how to place an order for benchmark suites, and how to contact technical support.


The site map menu item is a link to a table of contents of the SPEC site. There is also a permuted index of all the files on the SPEC site; note that this is a very large file and may take some time to download.

The help menu item will return you to this page.

Sidebar navigation

There are additional navigational elements in a sidebar on the left side of the page; these elements are more contextual than the primary/top navigation bar. For each benchmark suite, you will find links in the sidebar to published results, supporting files if available, benchmark documentation and the order form or download page as appropriate for obtaining the benchmarks. There are also common links such as the "Resources", "Mirror Sites" and "SPEC" sections which appear independent of your current location.

Searching for benchmark results.

The published benchmark results search engine can be accessed from the main results page of each suite, from the "Search Results" page at , or directly at (choose a specific configuration from the drop-down list, or search across all available results.

GWPG results are not available through this search engine. To search for a GWPG result, try the "Search Results" page at or a Google search.

Searching the text of the SPEC web site.

The search engine used to search the text of the SPEC web site rather than the benchmark results can be accessed from the site search item in the top menu bar, from the "Site Search" link under "Resources" in the left sidebar, or directly at .

Additional Information

If you have additional questions about the site which have not been answered here, please contact For general questions about SPEC, please contact us at