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SPEC Cloud IaaS 2018 Technical Support Checklist and Troubleshooting Tips

Please review the following checklist when you have a technical support issue with the benchmark. The volunteers assisting with technical support are employees of SPEC member companies and may not have specific knowledge of your environment and will need you to provide enough background so they can work with you to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Have you reviewed the Appendix A: Troubleshooting FAQ which lists common problems and solutions and the errata page for the latest updates on known issues?
  2. Are you running the current version of the benchmark?
    • The kit you installed is the latest version which is v1.0
    • After unpacking the kit there will be a file called: VERSION in the osgcloud directory which will identify the benchmark name and version number.
  3. What type of cloud environment are you testing: Public or Private Cloud?
  4. What cloud management software or API are you using?
  5. Is the issue easily reproducible or does it occur intermittently?
  6. What are the steps in producing the problem?
  7. Have you opened up security groups in your cloud? Ports: UDP 5114, TCP 6379, TCP 22, TCP 873, TCP 7070, TCP 8080, TCP 27017
  8. Can you provide the following files, scrubbing any confidential information?
    • osgcloud/driver/osgcloud_rules.yaml
    • osgcloud/cbtool/configs/<distro-name>_cloud_definitions.txt (ex. ubuntu_cloud_definitions.txt
    • osgcloud/ (or cloud-specific environment script)
  9. Are you using the subcommittee's pre-configured workload images or did you create new ones from scratch?
  10. Can you collect and provide the following log files:
    • From CB Harness: /var/log/cloudbench/*.log
    • and ~/results/ALLRUN*/perf/*.log
  11. Would you like to join our public SPEC Cloud Mattermost Channel to discuss your problem in more detail? We can send you the invite. (Strongly recommended). Contact SPEC Support.
  12. Did you figure out the problem? Don't leave us hanging - please let us know what the solution was so we can improve our benchmark and documentation.