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SPEC Adds Benchmark Search Program for Graphics and Workstation Performance Group

By Jessica Heerboth, SPECapc Committee Chair

I'm excited to announce that SPEC has kicked-off a third Benchmark Search Program. As noted in a blog post about our first two Search Programs, SPEC believes that the most effective computing benchmarks are based on how various user communities run actual applications. To enable us to do this, Search Programs encourage users outside of SPEC to contribute applications, workloads, or models that will enable us to build more comprehensive and more applicable benchmarks, which in turn will better serve their communities. The new Benchmark Search Program is for the SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (GWPG).

The ongoing GWPG Search Program is designed to help SPEC locate application workflows and complex graphics models that can be used in future SPEC GWPG benchmarks, which measure how workstations handle complex tasks using specific applications. For example, we might measure how Autodesk 3ds Max renders a highly detailed model of the earth. However, there is no single model or workflow that reflects the needs of the diverse communities using professional graphics applications today.

If you have a complex graphics model or modeling workflow that fits the criteria for a good candidate, please consider sharing it with us.

Graphics hardware, applications and use cases are always evolving, so it's vital we keep our benchmarks current, so they truly measure what matters most to today's users. Your contributions to SPEC will enable us to do that – while also helping vendors improve their projects to better meet your needs. We hope you'll consider being a part of this ongoing effort.

To see the complete Search Program rules, visit the SPEC GWPG Contribute page.

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