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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPEC SFS® 2008

The SPEC SFS® 2008 benchmark is an updated version of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation benchmark suite measuring file server throughput and response time, providing a standardized method for comparing performance across different vendor platforms. The SPEC SFS® 2008 results summarize the server's capabilities with respect to the number of operations that can be handled per second, as well as the overall latency of the operations. The suite is a follow-on to the SFS97_R1 benchmark, adding a CIFS workload, an updated NFSv3 workload, support for additional client platforms, and a new test harness and reporting/submission framework.

The SPEC SFS® 2008 benchmark is available for purchase via the SPEC order form.

Benchmark Retirement

With the release of SPEC SFS2014, SPEC has begun the process of retiring SFS2008. Results will be accepted for review through April 27, 2015 for the review cycle beginning on April 28, 2015 and ending on May 12, 2015. After that time, no further SFS2008 results will be accepted for review or published on the SPEC website, and no further technical support for the benchmark will be provided.

What's new:

  • An updated NFSv3 workload, based on recent data collected by SFS committee members from thousands of real NFS servers operating at customer sites.
  • The addition of a general-purpose CIFS fileserver workload, also developed using data collected from thousands of real CIFS servers.
  • Removal of support for NFSv2 and support for the UDP transport protocol.
  • Added support for Windows and MacOS clients; clients are now supported on AIX, FreeBSD, Linux, MacOSX, Solaris10, and Windows.
  • A new Java-based SFS manager test harness.
  • A new XML-based reporting and submission framework.
  • Simplified and better organized documentation.
  • Significant improvements to benchmark stability and error handling.


Submitted Results
Includes all of the results submitted for publication to SPEC from licensees of the benchmark. Note: these results are not comparable to results from earlier versions of the SPEC SFS® benchmarks (SFS97_R1, SFS97, LADDIS), and the SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 and SPECsfs2008_cifs metrics are not comparable to each other due to differences in the workloads.

Benchmark Documentation

 User's Guide: HTML, DOC, PDF
 Run and Reporting Rules: HTML, DOC, PDF
  Known Issues/Technical Support (Updated June 2, 1010)