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SPECviewperf® 8.1 Viewset Descriptions

SPECviewperf® Information

Efficient rendering of geometric data using OpenGL VBOs in SPECviewperf

A summary of SPECviewperf attributes

What is this thing called SPECviewperf?

What SPECviewperf does and doesn't do

What the "weighted geometric mean" means for SPECviewperf

The SPECopcSM project group's SPECviewperf 8.1 features a major code clean-up, new VBO example code, improvements to the EnSight viewset, and wider platform support. Since the SPECviewperf source and binaries have been upgraded to support some of these changes, no comparisons should be made between past results and current results for viewsets running under SPECviewperf 8.1.

SPECviewperf 8.1 has added support of Linux 32 and 64, Solaris X86, and Windows 64.