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SPECjbb2005 (RETIRED: October 2013)

SPECjbb2005 (Java Server Benchmark) is SPEC's benchmark for evaluating the performance of server side Java. Like its predecessor, SPECjbb2000, SPECjbb2005 evaluates the performance of server side Java by emulating a three-tier client/server system (with emphasis on the middle tier). The benchmark exercises the implementations of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler, garbage collection, threads and some aspects of the operating system. It also measures the performance of CPUs, caches, memory hierarchy and the scalability of shared memory processors (SMPs). SPECjbb2005 provides a new enhanced workload, implemented in a more object-oriented manner to reflect how real-world applications are designed and introduces new features such as XML processing and BigDecimal computations to make the benchmark a more realistic reflection of today's applications.

SPECjbb2005 Retirement

SPECjbb2005 was retired on October 1, 2013. As of that date, no further submissions are being accepted and technical support is no longer provided. New submissions can be made with its replacement, SPECjbb2015.

SPECjbb2005 allows rule-compliant results to be published independently. Although SPEC will not publish new results, it is possible that others might choose to do so. Any such publication must plainly disclose that SPECjbb2005 has been retired. See for more information.

Note: The restriction of compliance in section 4.1 of the SPECjbb2005 run rules specifically related to setting the input.expected_peak_warehouse property is removed for independent results in retirement.

SPECjbb2005 Benchmark Highlights

  • Emulates a 3-tier system, the most common type of server-side Java application today.
  • Business logic and object manipulation, the work of the middle tier, predominate.
  • Clients are replaced by driver threads, database storage by binary trees of objects.
  • Increasing amounts of workload are applied, providing a graphical view of scalability.
  • See the architecture schematic of the SPEC jbb2005 benchmark process.

The current version of the benchmark is version 1.07. Updates since the initial release include changing the metric name from "bops" to "SPECjbb2005 bops", changes to correct a dependency on the Sun implementation of HashMap in the benchmark code, and updates to the benchmark tools and documentation. The most recent versions of the benchmark documentation are posted below.


Submitted Results
Text and HTML outputs for the SPECjbb2005 metrics; includes all of the results submitted to SPEC from licensees of the benchmark. Search across all SPECjbb2005 results.

Flag Descriptions
Further documentation about tunings used for a result which are not included in the notes section may be found here.


SPECjbb2005 Benchmark Press Release
Benchmark announcement day press release materials:

SPECjbb2005 Benchmark Documentation
SPECjbb2005 support and technical documents:

Issues Building/Running SPECjbb2005
Installation, build, and runtime issues raised by users of SPECjbb2005.

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Future Benchmark Workload Development, Call For Participation:

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