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SPECjbb2000 (Java Business Benchmark) [1] is SPEC's first benchmark for evaluating the performance of server-side Java. Joining the client-side SPECjvm98, SPECjbb2000 continues the SPEC tradition of giving Java users the most objective and representative benchmark for measuring a system's ability to run Java applications.

As of January 2006, SPECjbb2000 has been retired and replaced by SPECjbb2005. Results submissions are no longer being accepted and support is no longer provided.

SPECjbb2000 Benchmark Highlights

  • Emulates a 3-tier system, the most common type of server-side Java application today.
  • Business logic and object manipulation, the work of the middle tier, predominate.
  • Clients are replaced by driver threads, database storage by binary trees of objects.
  • Increasing amounts of workload are applied, providing a graphical view of scalability.
  • See the architecture schematic of the SPEC JBB2000 benchmark process.


Submitted Results
Text and HTML outputs for the SPEC JBB2000 metrics; includes all of the results submitted to SPEC from licensees of the benchmark. Search across all SPEC JBB2000 results!

Flag Descriptions
Explanations from the testers elaborating on any cryptic flags in the results' notes sections.


SPEC JBB2000 Benchmark Press Release
Benchmark announcement day press release materials:

SPEC JBB2000 Benchmark Documentation
SPEC JBB2000 support and technical documents:

Issues Building/Running SPEC JBB2000
Installation, build, and runtime issues raised by users of SPEC JBB2000.

Order Your Own Copy of SPEC JBB2000!
The online order form to purchase this and any other SPEC/OSG benchmark.

Future Benchmark Workload Development, Call For Participation:

If you're a developer of an EJB server, this is your opportunity to help shape the standardized testing of your competitors! Contact SPEC at

[1]: SPECjbb2000 is not related to the Business Benchmark from Neal Nelson and Associates,