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Super Micro Computer SPECstorage Solution 2020_eda_blended = 240 Job_Sets
SYS-220U-TNR with 22 NVMe Storage Node Overall Response Time = 0.28 msec


Performance Graph

Product and Test Information

SYS-220U-TNR with 22 NVMe Storage Node
Tested bySuper Micro Computer
Hardware AvailableApr 6 2021
Software AvailableMar 2021
Date TestedMar 2021
License Number91
Licensee LocationsSan Jose, CA, USA

The SYS-220U-TNR is the new generation of all-flash SuperServer deliver a massive improvement in storage performance over systems based on traditional hard disk drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD) using legacy storage interfaces including SAS3 and SATA3. The new servers are also more power efficient than the traditional systems and have hot-plug capability for improved serviceability and availability.

Solution Under Test Bill of Materials

Item NoQtyTypeVendorModel/NameDescription
11StorageSuper Micro ComputerSYS-220U-TNRThe current SYS-220U-TNR is - 2 Intel Xeon 40 core processor, total 1 TiB memory, and dual socket MB - using NFSv4 protocol over a 100 GbE. SYS-220U-TNR server provides IO/s from 2 file systems. The SYS-220U-TNR server uses a dual socket processor, full 22 PCIe Gen4 SSD. SYS-220U-TNR is running RHEL8.3 on SATA SSD using NFSv4 and 1 100GbE Ethernet networking.
21100Gbit, 10Gbit or 25GbitNVIDIA (Mellanox)MSN2410-CB2RThe NVIDIA(Mellanox) Networking SN2410 provides the most predictable, highest performance 100GbE ToR switching platform for the growing demands of today’s data centers. The SN2410 switch is an ideal top-of-rack (ToR) solution, allowing maximum flexibility, with port speeds spanning from 10Gb/s to 100Gb/s per port. Its optimized port configuration enables high-speed rack connectivity to any server at 10GbE or 25GbE speeds.
38ClientsSuper Micro ComputerSYS-620BT-HNC8RA single 2U SYS-620BT-HNC8R is supporting 4 nodes. In each node, there are 2 Intel Xeon 36 core processors, total 64GB memory, and dual socket MB. The Supermicro® Super I/O Module (SIOM) delivers up to 50% of I/O cost savings and freedom to select networking options from 1Gb/s to100Gb/s through a Supermicro optimized form factor that is easy to scale, service and manage across a broad range of Supermicro server and storage systems. The SIOM also enables a higher degree of system integration and increased capacity by saving PCI-E slots that are traditionally reserved for add on cards. With SIOM you choose your onboard I/O.
41100GbE HBA CardSuper Micro ComputerAOC-S100G-m2CThe Supermicro AOC-S100G-m2C provides exceptionally high performance at 100Gb/s Ethernet connectivity. Utilizing the Mellanox ConnectX®-4 EN chipset with features that such as VXLAN and NVGRE, this card offers network flexibility, high bandwidth with specific hardware offload for I/O virtualization, and efficiently optimizes bandwidth demand from virtualized infrastructure in the data center or cloud deployments. The AOC-S100G-m2C supports the RoCE specification with CPU offload, delivering low-latency and high-efficiency over Ethernet networks. Supermicro® Asset Management and thermal detection provide an extra layer of controller health management and peace of mind. The Supermicro AOC-S100G-m2C is the building block of choice for the next generation of high speed Ethernet data center networks.
5810GbE HBA CardSuper Micro ComputerAOC-ATG-I2T2SMThe AOC-ATG-i2T2SM is one of the most flexible and scalable 4-port 10Gb network solutions in the market. Based on the Intel® X710-TM4 controller, it is designed to support a mixed network interface 2x RJ45 and 2x SFP+ connectors, with performance-enhancing features and power management technologies.
622SSDSKHynix7.68TB NVMe SSD HFS7T6GETFEIPCIe Gen4 NVMe installed in storage node (SYS-220U-TNR).
71Gigabit SwitchTP-LinkTL-SG1016D16 port Gigabit Switch for management connectivity.
82SSDMicronC400 MTFDDAC128MAMSATA SSD installed in storage node (SYS-220U-TNR) for OS.

Configuration Diagrams

  1. Supermicro SUT Diagram

Component Software

Item NoComponentTypeName and VersionDescription
1Prime ClientLinuxRHEL8.3Operating System (OS) for 1 load generator (one of the client nodes - Prime) in SYS-620BT-HNC8R
2Storage NodeStorage OSRHEL8.3Storage Operating System (SYS-220U-TNR)
3ClientsClient OSRHEL8.3Operating System (OS) for 8 clients in 2x SYS-620BT-HNC8R

Hardware Configuration and Tuning - Physical

Storage Node
Parameter NameValueDescription
Port speed100GbInternal switch port speed with default setting
Parameter NameValueDescription
Port speed10GbInternal switch port speed with default setting

Hardware Configuration and Tuning Notes

Supermicro SYS-220U-TNR (AOC-S100G-m2C) 100Gb ethernet ports are setup to default MTU frames. SYS-620BT-HNC8R (AOC-ATG-I2T2S) clients is 10Gb ethernet ports are setup to default MTU frames.

Software Configuration and Tuning - Physical

Parameter NameValueDescription
MTU1500Default MTU frames setup

Software Configuration and Tuning Notes


Service SLA Notes


Storage and Filesystems

Item NoDescriptionData ProtectionStable StorageQty
12x RAID-10 volumes and each volume consists of 10 drives and 1 spare drive. Total 22 drivesRAID-10 volume with hot-spareStable Storage22
21x RAID-1 volumes and OS is installed on itRAID-1 volumeStable Storage2
Number of Filesystems2
Total Capacity35TiB
Filesystem Typexfs

Filesystem Creation Notes

filesystem is created with default options.

Storage and Filesystem Notes


Transport Configuration - Physical

Item NoTransport TypeNumber of Ports UsedNotes
1100GbE network1Storage server connects to the 100Gb link.
210GbE network8Each clients server connects to the 10Gb link

Transport Configuration Notes

Configured first 8 ports to 10Gb and last 2 ports to 100Gb. Only one of the 2x 100Gb ports were used.

Switches - Physical

Item NoSwitch NameSwitch TypeTotal Port CountUsed Port CountNotes
1MSN2410-CB2R100GbE and 10GbE5698x 100GbE and 48x 10GbE ports are available. 1x 100GbE and 8x 10GbE ports are used. NVIDIA (Mellanox) SN2410 optimized port configuration enables high-speed rack connectivity to any server

Processing Elements - Physical

Item NoQtyTypeLocationDescriptionProcessing Function
12CPUFile System Storage NodeIntel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8380 CPU @ 2.30GHz, hyperthreading enabledFile System Storage Node
216CPUFile System Client NodeIntel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8360Y CPU @ 2.40GHz, hyperthreading enabledEach system is dual socket and 8 clients in 2x SYS-620BT-HNC8R.

Processing Element Notes

Each node in the system (Client and Storage node) has two physical processors each. Each processor has multiple cores as mentioned int the table above.

Memory - Physical

DescriptionSize in GiBNumber of InstancesNonvolatileTotal GiB
System memory in storage node3232V1024
System memory in client node3216V512
Grand Total Memory Gibibytes1536

Memory Notes


Stable Storage

The storage node does not use write cache to store data so writes are committed to disk immediately. All data is protected in the file system by a RAID-10 volume and spare storage configuration including metadata. The entire SUT is protected with redundant power supplies, both storage node and clients. Storage node have two SATA device for OS redundancy.

Solution Under Test Configuration Notes

The solution is a configuration by Supermicro with managing metadata for the file system. SYS-220U-TNR storage node is the new generation of all-flash SuperServer deliver a massive improvement in storage performance.

Other Solution Notes



The storage node is connected to 100Gbit ethernet switch and 8 clients are connected to 100Gbit Switch via 10Gbit. No special tuning parameters are used in the connections. The file system is created and shared from nfs server to clients. Please refer to the diagram.

Other Notes


Other Report Notes


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