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Alex Shows
Alex Shows
SPEC Director

SPEC Board of Directors –> Alex Shows

Alex Shows is the vice chair of SPEC GWPG and serves as secretary for the SPEC GWPG Graphics Performance Characterization (GPC) group. Most recently, Alex was elected to serve on the SPEC board of directors where he has taken on a variety of roles, such as inspector of elections, and responsibilities, such as defining policies for ensuring industry-leading best practices and standards for collaboration for the worldwide SPEC team.

Prior SPEC Roles

Alex served as the chair of the SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (GWPG) Workstation Performance Characterization (WPC) group, driving the architectural direction for the SPECworkstation® benchmark. Alex also served as chair of the SPECgpc Committee, where he maintained the SPECviewperf® 12 benchmark and led the development of SPECviewperf® 13 benchmark.

Industry Role

Alex is a distinguished engineer at Dell, where he leads the Client Performance Engineering team. In addition to designing front-end conceptualizations and definitions for new platforms, Alex works on implementing those designs and on developing tools and techniques that measure and optimize performance. Alex also spent six years in the Office of the CTO, researching emerging consumer technologies, and he spent several years in design validation and writing diagnostic software, validation and test software, and performance characterization and profiling software.