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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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OSG Cloud Subcommittee

[ This page refers to the Open Systems Group's Cloud subcommittee. Information regarding the SPEC Research Group's Cloud Working Group can be found here. ]

The growth of cloud computing has created a demand for benchmarks which can measure the performance and scalability of cloud computing services. The Cloud subcommittee, part of SPEC's Open Systems Group (OSG), has been established to develop benchmarks which address this need.

Subcommittee Charter

  • Establish a common definition and methodology to measure cloud performance.
  • Create a framework for the Cloud Benchmark.
  • Develop benchmarks using representative cloud workloads not covered by other OSG groups
  • Work with other SPEC subcommittees to add cloud metrics to their benchmarks.

Intended audience

The group targets three types of users for the workloads and benchmarks it will create: hardware and software vendors providing products that enable cloud services; cloud providers – entities that offer cloud services, such as IaaS, PaaS or SaaS; and business customers who would use benchmark results to help them select cloud providers.


The subcommittee welcomes participation from cloud providers and users. If you are interested in participating in the subcommittee and the development of a cloud performance benchmarking framework, please see "Joining the Open Systems Group" for membership information.


Report on Cloud Computing to the OSG Steering Committee, April 2012
Detailing the group's objectives, benchmark considerations, characteristics of a cloud benchmark, and tools for creating metrics.