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IBM Corporation
IBM System p5 595 (2300 MHz, 64 CPU)
SPECompLpeak2001 = 1056459        
SPECompLbase2001 = 1005583        
SPEC license # HPG0005 Tested by: IBM Austin Test site: Austin, TX Test date: Jul-2006 Hardware Avail: Aug-2006 Software Avail: Aug-2006
Benchmark Reference
Graph Scale
311.wupwise_l 9200 96.4  1526710         96.5  1524700         311.wupwise_l base result bar (1526710)
311.wupwise_l peak result bar (1524700)
313.swim_l 12500 226    883307        192    1042300         313.swim_l base result bar (883307)
313.swim_l peak result bar (1042300)
315.mgrid_l 13500 238    906926        238    906150        315.mgrid_l base result bar (906926)
315.mgrid_l peak result bar (906150)
317.applu_l 13500 151    1434136         151    1434136         317.applu_l base result bar (1434136)
317.applu_l peak result bar (1434136)
321.equake_l 13000 534    389228        397    523692        321.equake_l base result bar (389228)
321.equake_l peak result bar (523692)
325.apsi_l 10500 203    826038        195    862658        325.apsi_l base result bar (826038)
325.apsi_l peak result bar (862658)
327.gafort_l 11000 218    808117        230    763663        327.gafort_l base result bar (808117)
327.gafort_l peak result bar (763663)
329.fma3d_l 23500 583    644540        581    647645        329.fma3d_l base result bar (644540)
329.fma3d_l peak result bar (647645)
331.art_l 25000 112    3579341         113    3552658         331.art_l base result bar (3579341)
331.art_l peak result bar (3552658)
SPECompLbase2001 1005583          
  SPECompLpeak2001 1056459          

Hardware Vendor: IBM Corporation
Model Name: IBM System p5 595 (2300 MHz, 64 CPU)
CPU MHz: 2300
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 64 cores, 32 chips, 2 cores/chip (SMT on)
CPU(s) orderable: 16,32,48,64 cores
Primary Cache: 64 KB I + 32 KB D on chip per core
Secondary Cache: 1920 KB I+D on chip per chip
L3 Cache: 36 MB I+D off chip per chip, 32 chips per SUT
Other Cache: None
Memory: 256 GB (64x4 GB)
Disk Subsystem: 2x73GB SCSI, 15K RPM
Other Hardware: None
OpenMP Threads: 128
Parallel: OpenMP
Operating System: AIX 5L V5.3
Compiler: XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition Version 8.0 for AIX
XL Fortran Enterprise Edition Version 10.1 for AIX
Other Software: ESSL
File System: AIX/JFS2
System State: Multi-user
Notes / Tuning Information

 Portability Flags & Environment Variables
   -qfixed used in: 311.wupwise_l, 313.swim_l, 315.mgrid_l, 317.applu_l, 325.apsi_l
   -qsuffix=f=f90 used in: 327.gafort_l, 329.fma3d_l

 Base Flags
   C:       -q64 -O5 -qsmp=omp -lmass -btextpsize:64K -bdatapsize:64K -bstackpsize:64K -qalign=natural
   FORTRAN: -q64 -O5 -qsmp=omp -lmass -btextpsize:64K -bdatapsize:64K -bstackpsize:64K

 Base & Peak User Environment:

 Peak Flags:
   -qsmp=omp used in all cases
   311.wupwise_l:    -q64 -O5 -lmass -btextpsize:64K -bdatapsize:64K -bstackpsize:64K
                     OMP_DYNAMIC = FALSE
   313.swim_l:       -O5 -qipa=noobject -qmaxmem=-1 -q64 -btextpsize:64K -bdatapsize:64K -bstackpsize:64K
                     OMP_DYNAMIC = FALSE
   315.mgrid_l:      -q64 -O5 -lmass -btextpsize:64K -bdatapsize:64K -bstackpsize:64K
                     ENV_OMP_DYNAMIC = FALSE
   317.applu_l:      basepeak=1
   321.equake_l:     -q64 -O5 -lmass -btextpsize:64K -bdatapsize:64K -bstackpsize:64K
                     OMP_DYNAMIC = FALSE
   324.apsi_l:       -q64 -O5 -lmass -btextpsize:64K -bdatapsize:64K -bstackpsize:64K
                     OMP_DYNAMIC = FALSE
   327.gafort_l:     -q64 -O5 -lmass
                     OMP_DYNAMIC = FALSE
   329.fma3d_l:      -q64 -O5 -lmass -btextpsize:64K -bdatapsize:64K -bstackpsize:64K
                     OMP_DYNAMIC = FALSE
   330.art_m:        -O5 -qipa=noobject -qmaxmem=-1 -q64 -btextpsize:64K -bdatapsize:64K -bstackpsize:64K
                     OMP_DYNAMIC = FALSE

  The installed OS level is AIX 5L for POWER version 5.3 with the 5300-04 Recommended Maintenence package.
  The installed C/C++ compiler is XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition Version 8.0 for AIX with the August 2006 PTF.
  The installed Fortran copiler is XL Fortran Enterprise Edition Version 10.1 with the August 2006 AIX PTF.

  SMT:  Acronym for "Simultaneous Multi-Threading". A processor technology that allows
        the simultaneous execution of multiple thread contexts within a single processor
        core. (Enabled by default)
  SUT:  Acronym for "System Under Test"
  ESSL: Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library
  PTF:  IBM identifier for "Program Fix Level"

  C:        IBM XL C for AIX invoked as xlc_r
  Fortran:  IBM XL Fortran for AIX invoked as xlf_r

  ulimits set to unlimited.
  Large page mode and memory affinity were set as follows:
      vmo -r -o lgpg_regions=8192 -o lgpg_size=16777216
      chuser capabilities=CAP_BYPASS_RAC_VMM,CAP_PROPAGATE $USER
      bosboot -aD
      shutdown -rF

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