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SGI Altix 4700 Density System (1600MHz 24M L3, DC Itanium2 9050)
SPECompLpeak2001 = 1005076        
SPECompLbase2001 = 987139       
SPEC license # HPG0014 Tested by: SGI Test site: SGI Test date: Jul-2006 Hardware Avail: Jul-2006 Software Avail: Jul-2006
Benchmark Reference
Graph Scale
311.wupwise_l 9200 85.7  1717280         85.7  1717280         311.wupwise_l base result bar (1717280)
311.wupwise_l peak result bar (1717280)
313.swim_l 12500 124    1606568         124    1606568         313.swim_l base result bar (1606568)
313.swim_l peak result bar (1606568)
315.mgrid_l 13500 283    764544        258    837444        315.mgrid_l base result bar (764544)
315.mgrid_l peak result bar (837444)
317.applu_l 13500 297    727215        297    727215        317.applu_l base result bar (727215)
317.applu_l peak result bar (727215)
321.equake_l 13000 472    440372        472    440372        321.equake_l base result bar (440372)
321.equake_l peak result bar (440372)
325.apsi_l 10500 187    900515        174    966762        325.apsi_l base result bar (900515)
325.apsi_l peak result bar (966762)
327.gafort_l 11000 300    587544        300    587544        327.gafort_l base result bar (587544)
327.gafort_l peak result bar (587544)
329.fma3d_l 23500 496    758395        496    758395        329.fma3d_l base result bar (758395)
329.fma3d_l peak result bar (758395)
331.art_l 25000 122    3283637         122    3283637         331.art_l base result bar (3283637)
331.art_l peak result bar (3283637)
SPECompLbase2001 987139         
  SPECompLpeak2001 1005076          

Hardware Vendor: SGI
Model Name: SGI Altix 4700 Density System (1600MHz 24M L3, DC Itanium2 9050)
CPU: Intel DC Itanium2 Processor 9050
CPU MHz: 1600
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 256 cores, 128 chips, 2 cores/chip (Hyper-Threading Technology disabled)
CPU(s) orderable: 2-1024 cores
Primary Cache: 16KBI + 16KBD (on chip) per core
Secondary Cache: 1MBI + 256KBD (on chip) per core
L3 Cache: 12.0MB (on chip) per core
Other Cache: N/A
Memory: 512 GB (8*1G PC3200 DIMMS per 4 core module)
Disk Subsystem: 1 x 147 GB SCSI (Seagate Cheetah 10k rpm)
Other Hardware: None
OpenMP Threads: 256
Parallel: OpenMP
Operating System: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 + SGI ProPack(TM) 5
Compiler: Intel(R) Fortran Compiler for Linux 9.1 (Build 20060707)
Intel(R) C++ Compiler for Linux 9.1 (Build 20060707)
File System: xfs
System State: Multi-user
Notes / Tuning Information
 Baseline optimization flags: 
   C programs:       -openmp -O3 -IPF_fp_relaxed -ipo -ansi_alias (ONESTEP)
   Fortran programs: -openmp -O3 -IPF_fp_relaxed -ipo (ONESTEP)
   OpenMP runtime library libguide.a statically linked
 Extra Flags:

 User environment:
   limit stacksize 128000
   KMP_SCHEDULE static,balanced

 Peak optimization flags
 311.wupwise_l: basepeak=true
 313.swim_l: basepeak=true
 315.mgrid_l: -openmp -O3 -IPF_fp_relaxed -ipo
              OpenMP runtime library libguide.a statically linked
              OMP_NUM_THREADS = 128
              submit = dplace -x2 -e -c255-0:2 $command
 317.applu_l: basepeak=true
 321.equake_l: basepeak=true
 325.apsi_l: -openmp -O3 -IPF_fp_relaxed -ipo
             OpenMP runtime library libguide.a statically linked
             OMP_NUM_THREADS = 128
             submit = dplace -x2 -e -c255-0:2 $command 
 327.gafort_l: basepeak=true
 329.fma3d_l: basepeak=true
 331.art_l: basepeak=true

 Required alternate sources:
 Add critical region around update of linked list in parallel loop.
 Approved src.alt available as ompl-purdue1-20040324.tar.gz
 Used for 331.art_l, base and peak.

 For all benchmarks threads were bound to cores using the following submit command:
 dplace -x2 -e -cNTM1,0 $command,
 where NTM1 is the number of threads minus 1.
 This binds threads in order of creation, beginning with the master
 thread on core NTM1, the first slave thread on core NTM1-1, and so on.
 The -x2 flag instructs dplace to skip placement of the lightweight
 OpenMP monitor thread, which is created prior to the slave threads.
 For a description of SGI's compiler flags, portability flags, and
 system parameters used to generate this result, please refer to the
 SGI-20060801-Linux-Intel9.1-IPF.txt file in the flags directory.

For questions about this result, please contact the tester.
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