SPEChpc™ 2021: Changes in V1.1

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Introduction to V1.1

SPEChpc 2021 V1.1 is an incremental update to SPEChpc 2021 V1.0 and primarily a bug fix release. Results generated with v1.1 using pure-MPI and OpenMP are comparable to results from V1.0 and vice versa. However, a few changes do effect performance of the OpenACC and OpenMP with Target Offload versions making them non-comparable to v1.0. These performance relevant changes were made to ensure better comparability between the two offload models.

In addition, reports may optionally include a break-out of the internal timing of the benchmarks to allow better understand of the impact of MPI and application initialization overhead when conducting scaling analysis.


Benchmark source code changes

LBM (505,605,705,805)

SOMA (513,613)

TeaLeaf (518,618,718,818)

CloverLeaf (519,619,719,819)

miniSweep (521,621)

POT3d (528,628,728,828)

SPH-EXA (532,632)

HPGMG-FV (534,634,734,834)

miniWeather (535,635,735,835)


Timer Information

Changes to benchmarks

The following benchmark changes were made in V1.1:


*Note the log files also include the Application time which is the time measured between MPI_Init and MPI_Finalize. The applications time is not included in the Internal Timer Table but is the summation of the Intialization, Core Compute, and Residual Time.

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