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Hewlett-Packard Company
hp server rx5670 (1000MHz Itanium2)
 SPECenvM2002 = 23.4  
SPEC license # HPG2116 Tested by: Hewlett-Packard Company Test site: Richardson, Texas Test date: Mar-2003 Hardware Avail: Sep-2002 Software Avail: Feb-2003
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
361.wrf_m 86400 3696     23.4  
361.wrf_m peak result bar (23.4)
SPECenvM2002 23.4    

Hardware Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Company
Model Name: hp server rx5670 (1000MHz Itanium2)
CPU: Intel Itanium 2
CPU MHz: 1000
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 4
CPU(s) orderable: 1 to 4
Primary Cache: L1 Inst/Data: 16 KB, associativity = 4
Secondary Cache: L2 Unified: 256 KB, associativity = 8
L3 Cache: L3 Unified: 3072 KB, associativity = 12
Other Cache: None
Memory: 48GB
Disk Subsystem: 1x9GB SCSI disk (root), 1x9GB SCSI disk (swap)
Other Hardware: --
Parallel: MPI
Processes-Threads: 4
MPI Processes: 4
OpenMP Threads: --
Operating System: HP-UX 11i TCOE B.11.22
Compiler: HP C/ANSI C Compiler v11.22
HP aC++ Compiler A.05.36
HP Fortran 90 Compiler v2.6.5
HP MPI 1.08.00
PHSS_28697: f90 product
PHSS_27286: C product
PHSS_27287: U2comp
PHSS_27288: Linker
PHSS_27289: Libm
PHSS_27290: Assembler
PHSS_27291: PBO

File System: Online JFS
System State: Multi-user
Other Software: NetCDF 3.5.0, HP MPI 1.08.00
Notes / Tuning Information
   mpif90  +DD64 +noppu +Ofaster +O3 +Oinfo 
      -minshared  -L /opt/mpi/lib/hpux64 -lmpi
      -L /scratch/lieb/netcdf-3.5.0/lib/hpux64 -lnetcdf 

   mpicc +DD64 +Ofaster +O3 -DNOUNDERSCORE -DSPEC_HPG_MPI2
      -minshared  -L /opt/mpi/lib/hpux64 -lmpi
      -L /scratch/lieb/netcdf-3.5.0/lib/hpux64 -lnetcdf

   /usr/ccs/lbin/cpp   -I. -C -P

   NETCDF built with +O2 +DD64


 Alternate Source used:

 User Environment:
   export MPI_COMM_SIZE=4
   submit=mpirun -np \$MPI_COMM_SIZE $command
Kernel Paramters (/stand/system):
   maxdsiz         0x7b03a000
   maxdsiz_64bit   0x4000000000
   maxssiz         0x10000000
   maxssiz_64bit   0x40000000
   maxtsiz         1073741824
   maxtsiz_64bit   4294967296
   vps_pagesize    4096
   vps_ceiling     16384
   dbc_min_pct     40
   dbc_max_pct     40

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