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SPECviewperf® 10 Viewset Descriptions


SPECviewperf® Information

Full-screen anti-aliasing and how it is tested in SPECviewperf 10

Impact of Windows Vista on SPECviewperf performance measurement

Efficient rendering of geometric data using OpenGL VBOs in SPECviewperf

A summary of SPECviewperf attributes

What is this thing called SPECviewperf?

What SPECviewperf does and doesn't do

What the "weighted geometric mean" means for SPECviewperf

The SPECopcSM project group's SPECviewperf 10 is totally new performance evaluation software. In addition to features found in previous versions, it now provides the ability to compare performance of systems running in higher-quality graphics modes that use full-scene anti-aliasing, and measures how effectively graphics subsystems scale when running multithreaded graphics content. Since the SPECviewperf source and binaries have been upgraded to support changes, no comparisons should be made between past results and current results for viewsets running under SPECviewperf 10.

SPECviewperf 10 requires OpenGL 1.5 and a minimum of 1GB of system memory. It currently supports Windows 32/64.

With its new and improved content, SPECviewperf 10 is more than 600MB in
size. As an alternative to downloading it, you can order the CD.