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SPECweb99_SSL Dynamic API Sources

The compressed archive files below contain the dynamic CGI API implementations used by licensees of the SPECweb99_SSL benchmark for the results published on the SPEC website.

These files have been submitted to SPEC; see the disclaimer before studying any API sources and/or results.

NOTE: Each API source submission is provided in two different compressed archive formats, tar.gz (a popular UNIX format) and zip (a popular Windows format); choose the format that works best for your platform.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSize

[DIR]Parent Directory   -
[   ]Compaq-20011115-ES45_Z4.tar.Z 11-Dec-2001 11:44 231K
[TXT]Compaq-20020315.txt 27-Mar-2002 15:59 6.8K
[   ]Dell-20030916-API.tgz 16-Sep-2003 10:34 27K
[   ]HP-20010917-API.tar.gz 19-Sep-2001 14:06 23K
[TXT]HP-20020318.txt 20-Mar-2002 02:00 3.8K
[TXT]HP-20020708.txt 08-Jul-2002 20:18 4.2K
[   ]HP-20020723.-API.tar.gz 22-Jul-2002 20:28 30K
[TXT]HP-20020723.txt 22-Jul-2002 20:21 5.1K
[   ]HP-20020724-API.tgz 24-Jul-2002 13:41 24K
[TXT]HP-20020724.txt 24-Jul-2002 13:42 3.6K
[   ]IBM-20011019_1-API.tar.gz 19-Oct-2001 17:24 23K
[   ]IBM-20020819-ssl-API.zip 03-Sep-2002 16:30 11K
[TXT]IBM-20020819.txt 03-Sep-2002 12:55 4.2K
[   ]SUN-20010402-API.tar.gz 03-Apr-2001 00:00 23K
[TXT]Sun-20020610.txt 19-Jun-2002 16:11 9.5K
[TXT]Sun-20030331-APIFlags.txt 11-Apr-2003 13:06 1.5K
[TXT]Zeus-tuning.txt 16-Jul-2002 15:29 2.9K
[   ]x440config 18-Jul-2002 10:29 18K

Naming Convention

The file names are in the form of TESTER-YYYYMMDD where TESTER is the name of the tester whose results are published on the SPEC website; and YYYYMMDD represents the year, month, and day that the tester provided the API source.

Because a particular API is often used for a range of results over a period of months, the best way to select the correct one is to look for the most recent file from the appropriate tester that is near or prior to the Test Date listed near the top of the results page(s).