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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Other Performance Web Sites

Performance Measurement Organizations:

BAPCo: The Business Applications Performance Council
A company whose charter is "to develop a set of objective performance benchmarks based on popular computer applications in industry standard operating systems."; the developers of SYSmark95 for Windows and SYSmark for Windows/NT.

EEMBC: The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium
The EEMBC is dedicated to "a collaborative effort in developing a suite of performance benchmarks that will target key applications of embedded systems", and provide an objective means for evaluating processors and controllers.

A SPEC-sponsored archive that contains contributed public domain characterization and benchmarking tools. The software is free and is supported by their authors.

The Transaction Processing Performance Council. Another performance consortium, their focus is on system level benchmarks for OLTP and Decision Support systems.

Benchmark Databases:

Ideas International Benchmark Gateway
Pointers to results for SPEC benchmarks, as well as results from several other benchmarking organizations.

PDS: The Performance Database Server
An effort by the NetLib project at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville to collect all sorts of useful performance data into an online database. Particularly known for information on the Linpack benchmark, but also maintains an archive of CPU92 results.


The internet newsgroup for discussing performance and benchmarks. The comp.benchmarks FAQ can be useful for answering questions about other benchmarks or benchmarking in general.

Web Directories

Yahoo on: Computers and Internet:Hardware:Benchmarking.
Listings for other benchmarking related web sites as collected by the people at Yahoo.

Google on: Computers/Performance_and_Capacity/Benchmarks.
Google's interface to the Open Directory.

SPEC Mirror Sites

SPEC's Official Mirror Web Site
Hosted by the University of Miami in South Florida, US, SPEC's web site mirror is synchronized on a daily basis with the main SPEC web site.