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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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The 2018 SPEC Contributor Award Winners

The SPEC Contributor Award is given to an individual or a team that made significant contributions to bringing a new benchmark, tool, project or event to a successful conclusion.


Members of the SPECpower committee

Members of the SPECpower group (left to right): Hansfried Block, Jeremy Arnold, David Reiner, John Beckett, Mike Tricker and Sanjay Sharma

SPECpower group: SPEC SERT 2.0 and Chauffeur WDK 2.0

The SPECpower team released two major versions of its SERT and Chauffeur WDK tools in 2017.

SERT 2.0 features a single-value metric, reduced run time, improved automation and testing, and greater device and platform support. SERT is emerging as an international standard for agencies seeking improvements in server efficiency.

Chauffeur WDK 2.0 is a major update of the industry-standard software that simplifies workload development for measuring server performance in relation to energy efficiency. Version 2.0 features greater ease-of-use, more functionality and faster results processing.

SPEC Contributor Award Winners

  • Jeremy Arnold
  • John Beckett
  • Hansfried Block
  • Greg Darnell
  • Ashok Emani
  • Joakim von Kistowski
  • Klaus-Dieter Lange
  • Sanjay Sharma
  • Van Smith
  • Cloyce Spradling
  • Mike Tricker
  • Karin Wulf

Vladimir Ivanov

SPEC Java Group: SPECjbb2015 v1.01

The SPECjbb 2015 benchmark measures performance based on the latest Java application features. The v1.01 update includes bug fixes and documentation updates to enable the benchmark to be used with Java SE 9.

SPEC Contributor Award Winners

  • Vladimir Ivanov
  • Chuck Pogue
  • Robert Strout

Trey Morton (left)

SPECapc Group: SPECapc for Maya 2017

SPEC's Application Performance Characterization (SPECapc) project group released all-new performance evaluation software for systems running Autodesk Maya 2017 3D animation software. The new version includes nearly 80 individual tests that reflect the processes used to model, animate and render scenes within the application.

SPEC Contributor Award Winners

  • Allen Jensen
  • Trey Morton