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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Server Efficiency Rating Tool (SERT)TM Updates

SERT v2.0.1 Released December 19th, 2017

List of Enhancements for SERT v2.0.1:

  • Metric fixed
  • Minor GUI enhancements
  • PTDaemon v1.8.1

SERT2 Update Process

To apply a SERT2 update, do the following:

  1. The update process requires you to already have the full installation package of a SERT v2, and a connection to the internet while running the actual update utility itself. 
  2. Create a directory for your update process
  3. Download the SPEC-updater v0.5 zip or SPEC-updater v0.5 tar to that directory
  4. Unzip or untar the package. The update tool is invoked from the SPEC-updater.bat or SPEC-updater sh script found in the bin directory of the package.
  5. Run the updater:

    Please note that Java should be in your system PATH. If it is not, and the update tool is unable to find it, you will need to specify its location. Error messages will provide information on how to specify your Java installation.
    Basic syntax:
    spec-updater update (existing SERT2 binary) (new SERT2 binary) (optional_web_proxy_host) (optional_web_proxy_port)

    Simple example:
    spec-updater update SERT-2.0.0_setup.jar SERT-2.0.1_setup.jar

    With a proxy:
    spec-updater update SERT-2.0.0_setup.jar SERT-2.0.1_setup.jar 8888

    None of the files are required to be in the update directory. An example where the update tools is not in the path and the PTdaemon binaries are not in the current working directory:

    c:\downloads\SPEC-updater\bin\spec-updater update c:\sert-2.0.0\SERT-2.0.0_setup.jar c:\sert-2.0.1\SERT-2.0.1_setup.jar