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Errata for SPECmail2001 V1.00

This document describes known problems (and their solutions) regarding the installation and running of the SPECmail2001 V1.00 benchmark.

Problems installing using Java v1.3.0 under MS Windows NT 4.0

There have been reported problems with installing the software using Java v1.3.0 on a MS Windows NT 4.0 platform. If, when you run setup.exe, an InstallShield window does not appear, you should first make sure you have the latest version of v1.3.0 (check your vendor’s web site, see section 2.3.1 of the User Guide). If you have the latest version of Java v1.3.0 and you still experience a problem, use Java v1.2.2 to install the software. You can install Java v1.2.2 in parallel with v1.3.0, and you can use either v1.2.2 or v1.3.0 to run the software after it has been installed.

Connecting to Remote Clients Failed: InvalidClassException

When launching the benchmark manager and adding hosts, you may see an error containing text similar to:

Error: Name lookup for load generator alt100 exception error
unmarshalling return; nested exception is:
        java.io.InvalidClassException: specmailclient_Stub; Local 
class not compatible: Stream classdesc serialVersionUID=xxx local
class serial VersionUID=yyy

This error indicates that you have non-compatible versions of the benchmark code on your clients.  All clients (running the benchmark manager, load generators and/or mail sink) must have the same version of the benchmark software installed and running in order to run the benchmark.

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