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Hewlett-Packard Company
hp server rx2600 cluster (1500MHz Itanium2)
 SPECchemM2002 = 51.2  
SPEC license # HPG2116 Tested by: Hewlett-Packard Company Test site: Richardson, Texas Test date: Nov-2003 Hardware Avail: Oct-2003 Software Avail: Oct-2003
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
371.gamess_m 86400 1688     51.2  
371.gamess_m peak result bar (51.2)
SPECchemM2002 51.2    

Hardware Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Company
Model Name: hp server rx2600 cluster (1500MHz Itanium2)
CPU: Intel Itanium 2
CPU MHz: 1500
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 48
CPU(s) orderable: 1 to 2 per node, up to 64 nodes
Primary Cache: L1 Inst/Data: 16 KB, associativity = 4
Secondary Cache: L2 Unified: 256 KB, associativity = 8
L3 Cache: L3 Unified: 6144 KB, associativity = 24
Other Cache: None
Memory: 12GB (12 x 1 GB DDR 266 DIMMS per node)
Disk Subsystem: 1x36GB 10k RPM SCSI disk
Other Hardware: See Notes section below.
Parallel: MPI
Processes-Threads: 48
MPI Processes: 48
OpenMP Threads: N/A
Operating System: HPUX11i-TCOE B.11.23
Compiler: HP C/ANSI C Compiler B.11.23
HP aC++ Compiler B.11.23
HP Fortran 90 Compiler B.11.23
HP LIBF90 PHSS_29620
HP F90 Compiler PHSS_29663
HP aC++ Compiler PHSS_29655
HP C Compiler PHSS_29656
u2comp/be/plugin library PHSS_29657
File System: vxfs (system), vxfs through NFS (benchmark files)
System State: Multi-user
Other Software: --
Notes / Tuning Information
CPU(s) enabled: 48 (two per node, 24 nodes)

Other Hardware:
  Computation Network:
    Myrinet M3-E64 Switch Enclosure (Fiber)
    Myrinet M3-SW16-8F 8-Port Line Card (8)
    HP A6386 PCI HyperFabric2 Adapter
    GigaBit on-board adapter for Administration and NFS 
    PCI GigaBit card for NFS traffic  (GigE-TX adapter A6825A )

  NFS file server:
    rp5470 (PA-RISC) NFS File Server
      4 PA8700 CPUs 750 MHz.  16 GB of memory 
      4 internal disks 73 GB Ultra2 SCSI
      20 external disks 18 GB U160 SCSI striped with LVM across 4 SCSI controllers 
      15 external disks 73 GB FibreChannel mirrored with LVM across 2 FC controllers
        which contain the NFS filesystems accessed by the benchmark. These
        NFS filesystems are optimized for security rather than performance.

  File Server Network:
    HP ProCurve 9308 64-port copper Gigabit Ethernet Switch
    Built-in Gigabit Ethernet Adapters (one per node)

 Peak Flags:  MPI
   mpif90  +Ofast  +Onodataprefetch  $(DAFLAG) +Onolimit
   mpicc    +Ofast +Onodataprefetch  -DNOUNDERSCORE $(DAFLAG) +Onolimit
   OPTIMIZE = -I /opt/mpi/include  
   DAFLAG = +DD64 +i8 +r8
   CPPFLAGS = -I. -C -P                               
   EXTRA_LIBS=  +U77 $(DAFLAG) +FPD -minshared

 Alternate Source used for Peak:

Kernel Paramters (/stand/system):
   maxdsiz         0x7b03a000
   maxdsiz_64bit   0x4000000000
   maxssiz         0x10000000
   maxssiz_64bit   0x40000000
   maxtsiz         1073741824
   maxtsiz_64bit   4294967296
   vps_pagesize    4
   vps_ceiling     64
   dbc_min_pct     3
   dbc_max_pct     3
 Peak User Environment:
   submit = /home/f90pack/clust_mpirungames  $command

   mpirun   -f appfile
    -h  rx17  -np 2  -e MPI_WORKDIR=$cwd  $command 
    -h  rx40  -np 2  -e MPI_WORKDIR=$cwd  $command

 environment variables in .cshrc

   setenv IRCDATA ./gamess_us.irc
   setenv INPUT ./gamess_us.F05
   setenv PUNCH ./gamess_us.dat
   setenv INTGRLS ./gamess_us.F08
   setenv AOINTS ./gamess_us.F08
   setenv MOINTS ./gamess_us.F09
   setenv DICTNRY ./gamess_us.F10
   setenv DRTFILE ./gamess_us.F11
   setenv CIVECTR ./gamess_us.F12
   setenv NTNFMLA ./gamess_us.F13
   setenv CIINTS ./gamess_us.F14
   setenv WORK15 ./gamess_us.F15
   setenv WORK16 ./gamess_us.F16
   setenv CSFSAVE ./gamess_us.F17
   setenv FOCKDER ./gamess_us.F18
   setenv DASORT ./gamess_us.F20
   setenv JKFILE ./gamess_us.F23
   setenv ORDINT ./gamess_us.F24
   setenv EFPIND ./gamess_us.F25

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