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Frequently Asked Support Questions

If you do not find your question listed below, please contact SPEC support. Please note that only the most recent version of the benchmark software is supported; technical support for versions prior to the current one is not provided.


Version 12

Is there a Linux version of SPECviewperf 12?
At this time, there is no Linux version planned. The membership of the SPECgpc project group, the developers of SPECviewperf, have made ongoing development and updating of the Windows version the central priority. Currently, there is only one viewset, maya-04, based on an application that runs on Linux. SPECgpc welcomes any individual or organization that would like to contribute the work required to port the benchmark to Linux.
I am running the benchmark in a virtual machine environment and the benchmark stops with the error message "The system memory must be a minimum of 8GB to run SPECViewperf". My system has more than the minimum amount of memory, so why am I getting this error?
Viewperf uses the Windows Management Instrumentation interface to query certain information on the system. When this query is made inside a virtual machine the result is yielding a zero value which causes Viewperf to exit. Future versions of Viewperf will fix the issue however prior to that SPECviewperf version 11 should work.