The GPC Organization 

The following organizations are participants in projects under the GPC umbrella. All project group members are also members of the GPC Group:

APC = participant in the Application Performance Characterization project
MBC = participant in the Multimedia Benchmark Committee
OPC = participant in the OpenGL Performance Characterization project
PLB = participant in the Picture-Level Benchmark project

Sustaining Members 

3Dlabs -- OPC

Advanced Micro Devices -- MBC

Chromatic Research -- MBC

Compaq Computer Corporation -- APC, MBC, OPC, PLB

Dell -- OPC


Evans & Sutherland -- OPC

HAL Computer -- APC, OPC

Hewlett-Packard -- APC, OPC, PLB


Intel -- APC, MBC, OPC

Intergraph -- APC, OPC

Mitsubishi Electronics America -- OPC

Motorola -- MBC

NEC Corporation, Japan -- OPC

PixelFusion Ltd. -- OPC

Raycer Graphics -- OPC

Real 3D -- APC, OPC

Siemens Nixdorf Information Systeme AG -- OPC

S3 -- APC, OPC

ST Microelectronics -- MBC

Silicon Graphics -- APC, OPC

Sun Microsystems -- APC, MBC, OPC, PLB

Non-Profit Members 

University of Central Florida -- All Projects

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico -- All Projects

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