OPC Group Looks Ahead
to Next-Generation Benchmarking

With its Viewperf benchmark firmly established and GLperf now public, the OPC project group is moving ahead in its planning for future benchmarks.

Initially, the OPC group investigated a benchmark that would record graphics-related activities within an application and play them back to measure performance. The group felt that this type of capture/playback benchmark would allow users to get a more accurate measurement of how graphics capabilities are exercised within a real application. After the initial investigation, however, it was decided that a record/playback benchmark would take too long to develop, especially considering the constant flurry of changes within the graphics marketplace.

OPC project group members are currently investigating the possibility of applying a standardized VRML browser to Viewperf benchmarking. If VRML is not easily applicable to Viewperf, the group will move on to adding attributes to its current, proprietary Viewperf benchmark.

As always, the OPC project group welcomes input from all those interested in graphics performance benchmarking.

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