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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECapc for PTC® Creo 2.0 provides eight workflows that exercise all aspects of system performance when running the popular application. Composite scores are generated for graphics, shaded graphics, wireframe graphics, CPU and I/O performance. Application workflows for the world car model pictured above include:

  • Test 1 -- world car graphics
  • Test 2 -- world car regeneration
  • Test 3 -- world car retessellation
  • Test 4 -- world car mass properties
  • Test 5 -- world car load/erase/load
  • Test 6 -- world car body graphics
  • Test 7 -- IGES import and export
  • Test 8 -- Engine new drawing

PTC contributed the model and SPECapc tested and prepared the benchmark, making maximum use of new functionality in Creo 2.0. New functionality added to the benchmark since SPECapc for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 includes:

  • Shaded with edges display mode
  • Shaded with reflection display mode
  • Hidden and no-hidden display modes with full world car model
  • Anti-aliasing up to 8X
  • Edge quality up to very high

The total number of seconds to run each test is normalized based on a reference machine, in this case a Dell Precision 690 with Xeon 5130 2GHz, AMD FirePro V3750, and 16GB RAM with 4x4GB ECC DDR2 667MHz. The normalization process ensures a scoring system where a bigger score is better.

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